Encryption is Good

Pandora's iPhoneThe Internet is built on encryption.  Your privacy and security depend on encryption.  Your purchases on Amazon.  Your 401k and bank transactions.  Your credit card purchases.  The notion that Apple can break encryption so that the FBI can get data off a single iPhone is simply not true.  It's like saying you can stir hardened concrete by using a longer stick.


Adobe Acrobat at fault

Adobe Acrobat is the defacto standard for reading pdf documents.  After all, Adobe created the pdf file format.  But the product has recently suffered so many security flaws that many security conscious IT pros won't use it.  However, sometimes you can't get around the fact that Adobe requires the use of their product to read/use documents created by their products.  In other words, their Adobe Creator product embeds proprietary features that make documents unusable with any other reader.