Google Apps Consulting

eQuality Technology founder Greg Rundlett is proud to be a featured author in Linux Magazine's 2013 May issue (#150) which hit newstands globally.  In the feature Greg explains how to use Google Apps Script to make your office spreadsheets into real tools with features like workflow, collaboration and even web publishing.  Google Apps Script is a programming environment used to tie together the services in Google Apps in addition to any other web services.

If you haven't yet, take a look at Google Apps.  Anybody can signup for a free Google account and use GMail plus the other Google services.  If you're already a GMail user, then you might be familiar with some of the other components like Calendar, "Docs" (now called Google Drive) and "Sites".  Google apps is free for personal and educational use and is truly useful whether you're a Mom, Dad, student or professional.  For businesses, it's only $5/month/user.

If you run a small company, talk to us about how Google Apps for your domain could really help you take things to the next level of productivity while also bringing a host of benefits (like availability, security, and reduced cost).  We can help you get setup on Google Apps.  Contact us today for info on implementation and roll-outs, training, customization, integration with internal or other systems and any specific challenges that you might face as a company.