What does it mean to use enterprise-quality free software to provide small business solutions? It means leveraging the same tools and technologies that Google, Amazon and eBay are using; without proprietary software licensing costs.

We focus freely on selecting, configuring, integrating, deploying and adding value in the process. Being focused on solutions, we don't sell packaged "products" per se. However, we can and do provide services that are product-focused such as Google Apps consulting services, Drupal and Wiki consulting services.

What are a few of the free enterprise quality products we've used to solve problems for our customers?


  • Virtualization and Cloud computing = VirtualBox, Vagrant, Ansible, Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon Web Services
  • Email and Cloud Apps = Google Apps, Postfix, Mailman
  • Voice and Data networks = VOIP, Asterix, PBXtra, OpenVPN, Squid, OpenDNS

Collaboration Systems

  • Customer or Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) = CiviCRM, SugarCRM
  • Document Management and Workflow = KnowledgeTree, WebDAV, Samba
  • Content Publishing, Blogging and Social Media = WordPress, Drupal
  • Intranets = MediaWiki, OpenAtrium
  • Help Desk systems and Support = RT, Trac, Eventum

Content and Data


  • Software Development Best Practices = Agile and Open Source development methodologies and tools
  • Project Management = TaskJuggler
  • Automation = cron, drush, etcKeeper, Hudson