Help with Technology

As a full-service company, we frequently provide training, hands-on instruction, educational seminars, or other knowledge resources collectively known as "HELP!".  

You could search Google for answers, but sometimes it takes a unique combination of expertise and experience to really get things done. So why not give us a call for immediate help.  

We can dive in to trouble-shoot and solve the most problematic and urgent care situations. We can setup, maintain and grow infrastructure to meet specific needs such as Customer Relationship Management; Enterprise Resource Planning; Web Content Management or Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration. We can also serve in an advisory role where full-time personnel would be cost prohibitive.  eQT is your:

  1. CTO
  2. Project Management department
  3. Web Applications Development and Operations Management teams
  4. Hardware, Network, and Systems Administration groups
  5. Software Architecture, Integration and Performance Engineering teams
  6. User Interface / Human Interaction Design experts
  7. Testing / Quality Assurance Engineering teams