Case Study - OASIS

OASISOASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is the world's leading non-profit consortium working to advance communication standards in all industries, governments and sectors of the global economy.  eQuality Technology president Greg Rundlett was the Manager of Technology Services at OASIS where he led the transformation of their infrastructure to a modern, extensible social collaboration platform using Free and Open Source technologies including Drupal.  This transformation has helped continue the success of communities such as  With XML as their technical underpinning, technology committees at OASIS have produced some of the worlds most used standards such as 

Also, OASIS organizes itself into several "Member Sections" which have specific focus with regard to the domain of the problems they are trying to solve.   These "subsidiaries" include:
and again are thriving examples of the results that are achievable with good collaboration systems.  The committee work, and the Member Section work is done on a variety of software systems which are all aligned and integrated into a system for global collaboration, content creation, event management, document management, calendaring and messaging.  Of particular note is the fact that these integrated systems allow for the workflow and production of technical standards documents while adhering to a very exacting process.