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We wiki.

The MediaWiki platform, which as many know powers Wikipedia.com, is free software licensed under the GPL.  MediaWiki consulting is a focal point for eQuality Technology. We offer consulting services to implement, extend, integrate; customize and develop; author; and train users of the MediaWiki platform.  If you have a wiki, we can help you get more into it, and we help you get more out of it.  If you want a wiki, we can deploy, import, convert and structure a wiki for you.  Our showcase wiki is https://freephile.org.   Check the list of features that can't be beat. If you need custom extension development, we can deliver for you.  If you need to import HTML content, we literally wrote the extension that does that.  See our free Wiki Report tool that can instantly give you a good understanding of your current wiki.  One aspect of the wiki work we do for companies is to either offer, or encourage the role of a reference desk within the organization. This position is similar to 'wikipedian in residence'.  As the "subject matter expert", this role helps facilitate everyday interactions with the knowledge platform.

eQuality Technology founder Greg Rundlett has been using wiki technology from the very earliest days of the web, before there was a Wikipedia.  And Greg is a "lifelong" free software advocate. When Jimmy Wales pursued his vision to assemble all the knowledge on the planet and make it freely available using wiki technology, and make the platform free too, that was an idea that had a natural affinity and resonance for Greg.  Greg has managed, implemented, customized, extended, integrated, migrated and upgraded hundreds of wikis on multiple platforms from MoinMoin to MediaWiki.