What's in your wallet?

I hope it's full of money.  

If software is your product (putting the money in your wallet), then you want to be sure that you properly license IP from external sources.  Everybody uses Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) these days.  But do you know exactly what FOSS you are using?  It's a simple fact that if you don't know what's going into your product, you certainly can't be sure that you're properly licensing the Intellectual Property of those third-parties.  Developers are motivated to get the job done quickly, with high quality, and full features.  That means using freely available FOSS libraries, subsystems and components.  It can also mean IP infringement.  Understanding your inputs is a tremendous boost to the entire Software Development Lifecycle.  It's called Open Source Governance.  To check for compliance, assist in the selection of vendor sources and create bill of materials (BOM) there are companies and tools that will help you get the Open Source Governance job done.

eQuality Technology can help you with your Open Source Governance.  eQT is experienced in these matters and can help you mitigate legal, financial and security risks while realizing the full business benefits of free and open source software.  There are several companies in the field such as Black Duck, Protecode, Open Logic and Palamida if you want to check around for help.

You can do your own inventory and analysis using FOSSology (http://www.fossology.org), a free software project headed by Hewlett Packard.  Contact us if you'd like assistance.  We'll be glad to implement an in-house FOSSology system for you.  eQT is here to help you enjoy enterprise quality technology.