How I built a website in less than a day

I had a bunch of project documents that were stored in a private namespace in my wiki.  I needed to get these published to a new website as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Since I already hosted the project code in Git; which I published on GitHub, it made sense to finally use their static site generator system based on Jekyll.

I created a new 'docs' folder in my source code project and pushed it to GitHub.  In the settings for my project, I configured the GitHub Pages system to read from the 'docs' directory of my master branch.

I copied the layout and code snippets from the default Minima theme in order to populate the structure of my 'docs' directory (i.e. _includes, assets, _layouts)

I used the mediawiki-to-markdown converter (which relies on the same fantastic Pandoc that we use in the Html2Wiki extension) to convert my content to markdown.  I ran some of the converted content through Dillinger for some quick proofing.  Now I had my content ready to populate my website.

I could preview the content locally with Jekyll's built-in server.  When it looked reasonable, all I had to do was push the code up to GitHub and presto: a website built in a day thanks to GitHub, Jekyll, Pandoc, MediaWiki and mediawiki-to-markdown converter, Minima and of course Git.