eQuality Tech opens UK Office

eQuality Technology is pleased to announce that we now have a presence in the UK. Through a strategic investment in the WebArchitects Coop in Sheffield, England we are now a member of the WebArchitects Coop. WebArchitects has been providing services for over 20 years and is a multi-stakeholder Cooperative that you can join as a client, partner, or investor. Says company founder Greg Rundlett, "This is just one step in our journey to become a full-fledged coop ourselves."  WebArchitects is one of dozens of coops forming the even larger Cooperative Technologists (coops.tech) group.

Whether right here in the Boston area, or globally, there is a large and growing contingent of business people who are looking for solutions where all stakeholders are aligned. The coop model provides that opportunity like no other.  While traditional business models (including so-called 'Open Source' funded by Wall Street) fail because they're extractive, predatory, or monopolistic; a revival of cooperative structures has been showing promise for sustainable, friendly economic growth -- especially in the technology sector.

Clients, partners, or interested employees should contact us with any questions about the values of Cooperative ownership, and joining eQuality Technology.