About Ginger

This company is about quality; and it's about equality too.  It's in the name.  But how did eQuality Technology come to be?  Founder and CEO Greg Rundlett has always had a penchant for entrepreneurship.  With almost two decades of experience shepherding large and small companies to profit with free, open source software; it was actually a series of life events including the passing of his mother, that gave him the courage and conviction to launch eQuality Technology.
Says Rundlett: "Equality and fairness has always meant a great deal to me."  "So, it was natural to create a company based on those principles - we help level the playing field and give the little guy a shot to compete with the big guys."   "I really owe it to my parents because of how they raised me."  "Not only did they instill these principles in me, but they in turn generated the passion to pursue those principles."  "I'm constantly looking at the world with an ethical lens and asking what is the right thing to do?"  "My mother was someone who always did the right thing and also tried to help those less fortunate."  "She worked tirelessly on the night shift her whole life caring for adult mentally handicapped people in an institutional setting - a tough job if there ever was one."  "When she passed away suddenly in 2012, from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, she had just turned 65."  "I knew then that I had to really launch myself into my own life's work."
Not waiting for fate, nor allowing time to erode the opportunities, it was time to get behind something big, something meaningful. eQuality Technology is Greg Rundlett's vision of a company that through core principles can succeed in helping others; spread best practices in technology.  eQuality Technology uses the same free software that has catapulted the likes of Google and Amazon to become so great.  eQuality Technology helps clients thrive by sharing in the community that we create.

In loving memory of Virginia "Ginger" Rundlett 1947 - 2012.  She was a Leo and loved astrology.  She is certainly watching over us now.