About Us

eQuality Technology is your partner in getting technology done and getting it done right. We provide better outcomes at a lower cost and with greater leverage for future ROI. We do this by focusing on solutions that embody best practices with an open source foundation. We've helped clients in business, education, non-profit and government.

It's obvious that the Internet has changed the way we live, work and play. eQT founder and president Greg Rundlett has been mastering Internet technologies and applying that knowledge to drive success for almost two decades - literally since the very first dial-up Internet provider in Massachusetts opened shop in Bedford, MA. Along the way, he's been fortunate to virtually rub elbows with the very pioneers who create this technology. Now as an independent consulting company eQuality Technology, LLC is available to solve your unique challenges.

eQT is an employee-owned company headquartered in beautiful Salisbury Beach, MA. We focus on enterprise quality open source technology for small business, education and government markets. We are solution-driven strategic partners who are experts in collaboration systems, communications, community and content. We're ready to work with you to lead Development, Database, Infrastructure and other technology projects to solve critical business needs.