Wiki site launched

Before there was eQuality Technology, there was FREePHILE.  

Today, we have successfully re-launched the freephile wiki which is a great example of wiki technology.  Take a test drive for yourself.  If you have a wiki that needs upgrading, maintenace, or extensions; or if you need to talk strategy or training for your wiki project, then please give us a call.


Quick Drupal Setup

You might be looking for a quick way to setup a Drupal site, without having to wade through thousands of modules to figure out the right combination that will provide the basic functionality that you need.  Well, Features is a module that you almost certainly will use if you're doing any kind of Drupal development.  And, built on top of the 'features' concept is a module/feature called Debut.  It's quite an interesting new direction for Drupal.


Adobe Acrobat at fault

Adobe Acrobat is the defacto standard for reading pdf documents.  After all, Adobe created the pdf file format.  But the product has recently suffered so many security flaws that many security conscious IT pros won't use it.  However, sometimes you can't get around the fact that Adobe requires the use of their product to read/use documents created by their products.  In other words, their Adobe Creator product embeds proprietary features that make documents unusable with any other reader.